Responsible Tourism 非洲責任旅遊

African Tour with Heart & Soul - Responsible Tourism is one of Africa Panda’s key package product.

非洲義遊 - 非洲責任旅遊是非洲熊貓其一主要行程產品。

  • We want you to go on a tour with heart and soul. We want your tour to be a meaningful one giving you new insight in life.
  • Responsible Tourism means you are sharing with Africa on your travels. Eat, dance, live and celebrate with the people of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.
    非洲責任旅遊意味著您與南部非洲各民族 (南非, 纳米比亞, 莱索托, 斯威士籣) 分享您的假期。
  • Participate or visit innovative projects, varying from arts and music to health and agriculture.
    義遊包括參觀或參與社區外展及義工活動, 範圍包括藝術文化, 音樂到衛生及農耕等。
  • Destinations and venues are carefully selected according to our comprehensive Responsible Tourism Guidelines, ensuring that the people, whose land, labour, knowledge and culture are used, actually benefit from your stay.
    活動機構及環境均經過嚴謹挑選, 合附責任旅遊指南细則; 確保您的到訪 (所接觸的土地, 勞工, 智識及文化) 回饋受惠當地本土人民。

Under Responsible Tourism, we offer the following:

Wildlife Conservation Tour

Africa Panda is very proud of our recent group to South Africa. We offer Wildlife Conservation Tour which meets the travel need of a university group. This is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The university is conducting a meaningful program looking for ecotour. After understanding their need, we have matched it with one of our existing ecotour product. Departed in early January 2012, the 2 weeks ecotour is about endangered wildlife conservation project in South Africa. It provides an unparalleled wildlife volunteer experience. The students are directly involved with some of the most exciting endangered and priority species conservation work in South Africa. Working with a professional team (who are supported by WWF amongst others) on National reserves, they monitor endangered animals, such as cheetah, African wild dog, black rhino, as well as priority species with a high ecological impact like elephant, lion, rhino, hyaena, leopard and buffalo.

Wildlife Conservation Tour
Wildlife Conservation Tour
Our product package offers the genuine wildlife conservation work, which the participants are really assisting the actual hands on fieldwork of the conservation professionals. They are able to find out a lot of knowledge of the wildlife; the mission and value of the conservation professional; the nature which South Africa could offer and the real wildlife experience of a lifetime.
非洲熊貓為最近成行的南非野生動物保育義遊感到驕傲; 我們其一義遊產品符合香港一間大學找尋野生動物保育之要求。這就是香港科技大學。香港科技大學正進行一項有意義的計劃-生態遊。經了解需要後,我們於 2012年1月上旬成行這南非野生動物保育義遊。在兩週之義遊中, 同學們負責南非有關瀕危野生動物的保育工程。它提供了一個無與倫比的野生動物志願者經驗。學生有機會直接參與瀕危動物保育工作。我們的專業團隊是得到世界自然基金會等組織的支持。保育工作包括監察具高生態影響的動物,如大象,獅子,犀牛等及瀕臨絕種的動物,如獵豹,非洲野狗,黑犀牛,以及優先保育動物如鬣狗,豹及水牛。非洲熊貓的義遊提供的是真實的野生動物保育工作,參與者會真正協助保育專家實地考察及執行日常任務。對於野生動物的知識; 保育專業的使命和價值,南非的自然生態等有更深層認識 - 是一次真正的野生動物保育生態遊!

We have received overwhelming good feedback from the students. Apart from being proud of our ecotour, we would like these impressed students to share their unique experience with the rest of us and most important of all, to raise the concerns of wildlife conservation. Upon their return, together with the South African Tourism, we have appointed 8 students South Africa Travel Ambassadors (SATA) – Ecotour and they would take up the mission of telling us their wildlife experience in South Africa and the message behind wildlife conservation via social media portals, school exhibition and presentations.
非洲熊貓在義遊結束後收到大多數同學的讚賞。除了為生態義遊行程感到自豪外,我們希望有這些珍貴經驗的同學,可以跟其他人分享其獨特的經驗,以提高對野生動物保育的關注。非洲熊貓連同南非旅遊局,任命了8名同學為南非旅遊大使(SATA)- 生態遊。 他們將肩負重任把他們在南非的獨特保育經驗通過不同網上媒體發佈給大家。此外亦將會舉辦了各項生態義遊展覽和講座。

The blog of the South Africa Travel Ambassador - Ecotour is :
南非旅遊大使-生態遊博客是 :

The facebook of the South Africa Travel Ambassador – Ecotour is :
南非旅遊大使-生態遊的Facebook是 :

Apart from providing the concerned tour package, Africa Panda would like to raise the concerns of wildlife conservation in South Africa by providing information about the latest update. The first message we would like to update is about – African Rhino Poaching. Click here for more information and please pass this message.
非洲熊貓除了提供有關生態義遊,我們更想提高南非野生動物保育的關注,提供最新信息。非洲熊貓首先想您關注的是 - 獵殺犀牛。請按這裡了解更多資料