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AfricaPanda at ITE 2008 AfricaPanda at ITE 2008 AfricaPanda at ITE 2008



有只熊猫出现在第22届香港国际旅游展?! 熊猫不是来自海洋公园的乐乐和盈盈, 而是来自非洲 (Africa Panda)。 敝司于香港国际旅游展推广代表的各项旅游产品, 同时亦致力推销南非作为首选旅游目的地。 趁此机会我们也考察市场对历奇行程的反应。多谢各位的支持, 令我們有一个完满的展览会。


香港国际旅游展及商务及会奖旅游展共吸引了650参展商来自50个不同地区及国家, 40多个官方组织代表来自美洲, 非洲, 欧洲及中东。展览场地占5个大堂共有面积15000平方米。

主办机构纪录了新增长的入场参观人数; 12900来自业界代表10.7%增长, 57500来自公众代表8.5%增长。以地域区分, 20%的业界及公司代表来自中国, 15%来自外国。以业界性质区分, 出入口旅行社及公司代表各占6800及3700人, 为总数的53%及28.7%。

展览会第二天遇红色暴雨警告, 但风雨稍停, 参观的业界及公司代表纷纷出现, 可见他们的兴趣及热情未受天气影响。

欲了解详细的香港国际旅游展及商务及会奖旅游展报告, 请按此

Africa Panda at ITE

There was a panda at ITE?! It was not Le Le and Ying Ying from the Ocean Park but was from Africa. Africa Panda showcased our unique products at the ITE, at the same time we promoted South Africa as a preferred tourist destination. We also tested the market response for adventurous products. It was a very successful show and thank you for all your supports.

The 22nd International Travel Expo Hong Kong (ITE) was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 12-15 June 2008.

ITE & ITE MICE this year drew a total of some 650 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions, and over 40 official pavilions or stands with over half of them from Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The Expo occupied 5 halls with a total area of around 15000 sqm.

A record number of 12900 trade and corporate visitors and 57500 public visitors attending ITE MICE and ITE this year was achieved, which respectively represent increases of 10.7% and 8.5% over last year. Geographically, 20% of trade and corporate visitors came from mainland China and 15% from abroad. By sectors, "travel agents & tour operators" and "corporate visitors" numbered respectively 6800 and 3700, and accounted for around 53% and 28.7%.

A heavy rain storm with red warning in the morning of second trade day affected the Expo, but trade and corporate visitors returned in trove when the rain subsided, underlying their great interests and seriousness.

To obtain detail of ITE & ITE MICE 2008 Post Show Report, please click here.

AfricaPanda at ITE 2008 AfricaPanda at ITE 2008 AfricaPanda at ITE 2008
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