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3A南非冒险历奇行程 (English content)
总部坐落于美丽的开普敦海湾 Hout Bay, 使3A旅行社(AAA Travel) 在过往的+年中, 一直务求带给国外旅客享受其南非假期。 丰富的团组及个人游经验, 使3A精于安排一些与别不同的行程。 例如新奇刺激的南非冒险历奇行程包括: 滑沙, 滑浪, 跳伞, 桌山悬绳, 单车环岛游, 山洞探险, 热气球之旅, 笨猪跳, 激流划舟, 四驱车夜游, 深海钓鱼, 水底漫步, 鳄鱼/ 鲨鱼潜望等… 请登陆3A网站

此外, 3A亦强于安排各商务组团。 商务组团无论是学术研究, 实地考察, 政府关系或公司奖励, 3A都能为您妥善安排。请告诉我们您的需要。 欢迎 查询行程明细

  • 3A 南部非洲20天之旅
    3A旅行社推出一项真正非洲体验行程。 20天由南非开普敦潮玩南部非洲各主要国家如纳米比亚, 博茨瓦纳及维多利亚大瀑布。适合接受刺激的探险历奇旅客...

  • 3A 南非开普敦 六天五夜潜水之旅
    天然地理位置令南非享受两种不同的水底生态系统, 亦因此拥有各具特色美丽的潜水世界。3A南非开普敦六天五夜潜水之旅详程, 请按此...

  • 3A 南非齐齐卡马森林 - 3天活动之旅
    南非最著名为其自然美景, 齐齐卡马森林国家公园一带, 是其中追求自然, 活力及刺激的旅客目的地。 您可以冒险体验世界最高蹦极跳, 玩漂流及深海潜水或森林树顶滑翔。 更可以跟从昔日木匠森林之旅。 三天的特別安排定為您洗涤心灵及训練心脏机能!...

  • 3A 南非消遥开普 - 陶醉酒园之旅
    开普敦市及西开普的葡萄酒园有着南非最迷人的景致。以此配合获奖酒店的水疗美容护理服务一定能为您带來一个难忘的美容养生假期。虽然一个野外追踪体验及尽情购物是到南非必做的事, 一个身心焕醒之旅可亦是您的梦寐以求?...

  • 3A 南非冒险历奇行程 - 二战古董侧车开普游
    有否想尝试坐在一台二次大战型号的古董车 (Vintage 1938 World War II Sidecar) 畅游开普? 3A可为您及您的游伴(至25人) 安排登上此古董车, 每人一台的畅游南非或往来接送, 成为特色活动...

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3A South African Adventure Tour (中文內容)
Located in the attractive fishing village of Hout Bay near Cape Town, African Ample Assistance Travel (AAA Travel) has for ten years being arranging remarkable travel experiences for tourists. AAA Travel has much experience in organizing and creating unique itineraries for individuals and groups. For example, their South African Adventure Tour includes sandboarding, abseiling from Table Mountain, mountain biking, hot air ballooning and shark cage diving. Please have a look at the AAA official website for more details.

Apart from the above, AAA Travel is also specialized in incentive travel. What a treat to be part of an incentive trip – what a huge bonus if that trip is to South Africa. A visit to South Africa is always one that will never be forgotten. With an incentive trip we emphasize on making your experience even more special and memorable, whether it's with colleagues, other employees or a team – you've come to the right place. From gala dinners in Cape Town's top restaurants to picnic under the starts at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. You dream it – we can do it. For further enquiry, please click here to let us know.

AAA Travel Special Adventure Program includes:
  • 3A Southern African 20 Days Tour
    AAA Travel is now launching its 20 day overland tour taking you from Cape Town past all the highlights of Namibia and Botswana to the impressive Victoria Falls. This tour is a delight to the romantic adventurer who wants to explore the “real Africa”...

  • 3A Cape Town 6 Days 5 Nights Diving Package
    Benefiting from two oceans with distinctly different underwater ecosystems, South Africa boasts some of the most varied and beautiful diving locations in the world. Please click here for details...

  • 3A South Africa 3 days Tsitsikamma Active Get Away
    Enjoy the outdoors in some of South Africa’s most spectacular surroundings. Tsitsikamma National Park, Storms River Mouth and the surrounding areas are home to a host of exciting and interesting activities. Spend 3 nights in these spectacular surroundings to replenish your soul and increase the heartrate....

  • 3A South African Adventure Tour - Relax in Cape Town and the winelands
    Cape Town and the Western Cape winelands boast some of South Africa’s most spectacular scenery. Combine this with award winning hotels and spas for a once in a lifetime relaxation and pampering holiday...

  • 3A South African Adventure Tour - WWII Side Car Cape Town Excursion
    Have your breath taken away in a Vintage 1938 World War II Sidecar. We can arrange for 1 or up to 25 sidecars for chauffeured group tours, transfers or fun events...

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